Finding Objective Camera Reviews

  • What makes a good review
  • What to spot in a bad review
  • Where can I find a good camera review

Reading a review of a product you are interested in is basically the best research method for a consumer to do. Because let’s face it, getting the opinion of someone else who has tried the product is the only way for a potential buyer to find out if the product is good or not. It is very rare for a person to have the chance to try out a product first before buying it, especially if it’s an electronic device. So, it is very important for you as a buyer to learn how to spot a good review from a bad one.


A good review typically includes references to particular things that the person specifically likes about the product. The more detailed it is, the better. This rings true especially with electronic devices like cameras where people are really looking for in depth opinions about specific features of the camera. Cameras reviewed objectively usually stand out among the rest that you’ve read on the internet. This is because, when you are reading a good review, you usually end up with a pretty good conclusion if the camera is good or not by the end of the article.

With the multitude of reviews available to you at the tip of your fingertips, it is really good if you can spot a good review from a bad one. Most bad reviews pretty much sound spiteful or they sound like they’re bashing the product instead of reviewing it. One thing that you really need to look out for is those people that are doing reviews just to make a sale. They’re turning their product reviews into a sales pitch.

There are lots of camera reviews posted on the internet and it’s really important to spot articles of cameras reviewed objectively in order to come up with an informed decision in your buying process. One of those sites that do these objective reviews is You should check that out.

Sleeklens and that Wedding Experience

  • Free presets from Sleeklens for your wedding pics
  • Presets that are compatible with all Lightroom series
  • Editing wedding photos like a seasoned designer through Lightroom presets

Wedding presets abound online. It is definitely one of the most in-demand presets around. Wedding presets such as Forever Thine, one of those wedding presets by Sleeklens, captures the essence of that once in a lifetime wedding experience.


Forever Thine has in itself 112 presets in its collection, along with its 23 wedding Lightroom brushes. That alone tells you why this particular workflow is so popular with photographers and designers alike because they have a lot of choices as far as effects go.

In fact, these wedding presets by Sleeklens are compatible with Lightrooms 4, 5 and 6, and Forever Thine is one of them. And even if you’re a beginner with Lightroom, you need not worry at all how to use its tools because it has its instruction manual, in video form, so you can use Lightroom to its full potential.

Now you can enhance your wedding photos the way you wanted it to be, and not at the mercy of your photographer. Your wedding photos should have a touch of your personality or even style when you make enhancements to it.

So it is only fitting that these wedding presets by Sleeklens should be a part of your plan of creating stunning images out of your wedding day. Don’t make the mistake of posting them on your website without enhancing them with its tools. Remember, this is supposed to be a special moment because it’s your wedding day, so it deserves an equally special tool for its enhancement. And you can only have that if you use these wedding presets by Sleeklens.

Visit Sleeklens today and get the best presets and enhancement for your wedding pics right now.

Landscape Presets and that Lightroom Effect

  • Presets that can transform your landscape photos into “little masterpieces”
  • Photo-editing app that has its own storing system for your landscape photos
  • Lightroom presets that can change the “season” or “atmosphere” of your landscape photos

Photography is a dynamic art. Although it produces still images, but the reactions involved when someone sees a photo is not at all still. Reactions vary when we talk about the effect a photo can do to an individual, but most often than not the reaction of a well-edited or enhanced landscape photo is unanimous: beautiful.

That’s the effect Lightroom has perfected over the years. Through the use of its presets, Lightroom has been able to churn out these gorgeous photos that many consider it as contemporary classics. Needless to say, this app, through its Lightroom landscape presets, is the next best thing as far as outdoor photography is concerned.

jThe web is flooded with a lot of free black and white lightroom presets for your photos. And you can just imagine how many effects you can create out of these presets, plus the fact that you can store them with its customized folder, so you can use them for your other photos.  Quite a convenient way of improving your landscape images.

To show you how awesome these Lightroom landscape presets are, we need to take a quick look at some of its effects for us to see the benefits of using the presets on our photos.

  • Mood changer – If you have a photo editing tool that can change or alter the mood of your landscape photo, say, from fall to spring, then that is a photo-editing app worth keeping. Changing the season of your landscape ultimately changes the mood surrounding your photo.
  • Keeper of images – Lightroom has a customized folder/module so you can store your landscape photos. You certainly can’t find a photo-editing app that its own storing system so you need not carry a lot of baggage around to be able to enhance your landscape shots.
  • Giver of effects – With Lightroom’s thick collection of presets for landscapes, you now have the tools to create and recreate hundreds of effects for the enhancement of your landscape photos.

The sky is the limit for these Lightroom landscape presets. You need not concern yourself anymore with what kind of effect you want to use for your landscape photos or what kind of atmosphere you need to conjure for your landscape shots. Lightroom is all, and all you need to have when it comes to landscape photography.

Difference between Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Elements

LP11Basically, Adobe has developed three of the most popular image processing tool in the market today, namely: Adobe Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom. These programs target different user origins. While each programs can be used as a stand-alone tool for a certain project, users can freely utilize other programs if they want to. In this article, we will give you an idea about the difference of Adobe Elements and Lightroom.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Most people think that Photoshop Elements is the lighter version of Adobe Photoshop, which in fact, is true. However, the program doesn’t contain important editing tools that Photoshop has. In short, the Elements is just a mere simplified version of Adobe Photoshop.

Moreover, Adobe Photoshop Elements is much less stressful and complicated than Photoshop, thus easier to use since it only has fewer editing tools. But, the disadvantages of using Elements is that it cannot work well with RAW files. Its interface cannot cope up with larger files.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

You’ve probably heard about Adobe Lightroom and it’s amazing features. Although some people think that it is a replacement of Photoshop. Generally, Photoshop will never be replaced by any other program since it has its own unique features and services. One of the best thing about Adobe Lightroom is its user-friendly interface. Even amateurs can use it without proper knowledge in photography and photo editing.

Moreover, Lightroom is definitely one of the best file manager tools in the industry. It is not only for photo editing alone, it has the power to organize images so that you will never worry about losing important files.

Lastly, the program is capable of helping young and professional photographers save time and effort in editing. With the use of best presets for lightroom, it can be applied to hundreds or even thousands of images in just a few clicks.

What is Adobe Photoshop Action?

While Adobe Photoshop contains a lot of useful and effective tools for photo editing, it is also one of the most efficient tools for professional photographers, artists, graphic and web designers. What makes Adobe Photoshop a popular tool for photographers is its capacity to finish a certain task quickly. By using actions, photographers and other users can now save a lot of time and effort.

122Again, one of the easiest and fastest ways to modify images in Photoshop is to use action, or the recorded steps that can be applied to images at once. Photoshop action allows users to apply a series of styles, effects and adjustments to the image without worrying about anything. If you have been using Adobe Photoshop actions for a while, you are probably aware with the default or built-in actions that can be used as a guide in creating your own presets.

Essentially, what photoshop actions do is record every step and stroke you make to an image and then play or rerun everything to another image. Actions are more like Lightroom presets. It is also reusable, modifiable and can be applied to several images at once. Knowing how to add actions to photoshop at fist is quite confusing, you need to learn from several useful tutorials online.

Lastly, if you want more actions on your photoshop interface, you can get the top photoshop actions online. Make sure to download or purchase the best ones.

Modifying Low Light Images

ss5Generally, the word photography comes from the Greek words which stands for drawing and light. In photography, good lighting is very important. Good source of light helps photographers emphasize the subject and the story of the picture. It is no doubt that without good lighting, the image is useless.

In this article, we will talk about the best approach in modifying low-light images in Lightroom.

Before we start, it is always important to keep in mind to maximize the quality of the images taken from the camera. And did anybody try Lightroom presets from Sleeklens? If not, please take the time to visit their site. They have tons of good lightroom tutorials and preset package.

So, what is low-light? As what I understand, low light images are those taken from places with poor lighting. It is also about an image where you’ll have a hard time viewing it. Photographers often consider low light images as a great challenge.

Basically, there’s no exact way and method on how to modify low light images, but, I believe these three steps can help you enhance the quality of your low light images.

You can actually check the shadows and highlights in two ways:

  • Press and hold the ALT and click the shadow slider
  • Move the cursor over small triangles in the image

Reduce Noise

Image noises are common to most low-light images, especially those captured on low quality digital cameras. The noise adds a dull, grainy and unwanted pixels on the image. You need to reduce the noise of the image by adjusting the sliders on the develop module in Lightroom.

Enhance the contrast level

This step requires a trial and error process to achieve the desired effect on the image. You have to adjust several sliders appropriately to avoid destroying the quality of the image. Contrast slider can be viewed and adjusted in the tone curves panel in the develop module.

Overall, these three basic steps are my approach to dealing and modifying with low-light images. Although this may not be the best process, but it surely will make a big and good difference to your image.


The Beginner’s Guide to Lightroom

Pbn3Lightroom is software that allows you to organize, cull and edit your photos in a simple and easy way. Also, it allows you to have many powerful tools within clicking distance of your mouse.  With the help of this lightroom tutorial for beginners, you’ll be able to start working with your photos.

Lightroom is a powerful tool for managing and enhancing your images. It is easy to use, simple to navigate and especially reasonably priced. Also, it is rapidly becoming the best choice for photographers like me who love taking and shooting photographs and who don’t necessarily need the depth and processing power of Photoshop.

Here I will give you quick lightroom tutorial for beginners from importing your image to experimenting with presets and making a few essential edits.

  • Open your Lightroom and select “Library” from the list of modules at the top right of the interface. Then, click the import button and use the collapsible folders in the source panel to navigate to your file. Choose the image you want to import and then hit the “Import” button.
  • Highlight the image thumbnail, and go to the “Keyword Panel”. Just click the text box then name it whatever you want so that if you need to find the file any time, you can find quicker.
  • Click the “Develop Module” then go to the presets panel. In the presets panel you can experiment the colour presets. Go to the Lightroom effects presets and select “Light grain”.
  • Grab the Crop Overlay tool, Next drag the crop overlay to crop the top and bottom of the frame, transforming it from a vertical to a horizontal image. Then double-click to see the results of the crop.
  • In the “Basic Sliders” you can set the Temp, Tint, Highlight, Clarity, Vibrance and Saturation. Also, you can grab the Graduated Filter and Gradient from the right to the center.
  • Grab “Adjustment Brush” tool. Then you can click on the skin to set a pin. Set brush size and paint over the hotspots on the face to soften the skin.

Explore the Lightroom now and take a tour the usage of Lightroom. Hopefully, this lightroom tutorial for beginners can help you.

Enjoy using Lightroom!

By the way, here’s a short clip on how to install presets:

What is in my photography backpack

A lot of photographers usually carry a backpack or a bag of some sort. This is so that they are able to carry a number of items that they need outdoors or during a shoot. I also carry one. So I will be looking at some of the items that are usually in my backpack. I am sure this is a somewhat accurate representation of what most photographers carry.


camera-photography-vintage-photo-largeSince it is a photography bag, of course there will be a few cameras in there. I usually love cameras that shoot in both RAW and JPEG so that I am able to quickly edit the photos I take using Lightroom presets for faster uploading and sharing.

In my bag you will find my main camera, a Canon, as well as a few other extra best sports action camera. The camera I pick will depend on what I am doing and the environment I am in. I love exploring the different strengths of each of the cameras I have in my arsenal and use each where it is set to perform best.


designer-lens-capsIn my backpack you will also find a few lenses and a few lens kits. These I use in different environments especially when I want to capture some phenomenal shots. Of course it goes without saying that you will also find a few lens caps in there. There is nothing as important as protecting my lenses and the first step of doing this is putting a cap over them.


Cleaning material

Cameras, lenses and other photography equipment are really sensitive especially to dust and liquids. I have to make sure to keep my equipment clean especially when I am out shooting in the wild. In my backpack you will find a number of lint-free cloths, lens cleansers as well as an air blower. All of these items help me clean my lenses and camera pretty easily no matter where I am.

Extra memory cards, extra batteries

There is nothing as frustrating as running out of space to store your images. It becomes even more frustrating if you are out in the wild and you cannot upload your images to the cloud to clear some space on the memory card you have. This is the reason why I ensure that I stock up on a number of memory cards so that I am confident that I will not run out of space.

Equally important are extra batteries. I do not want to be stranded with dead batteries in the middle of a shoot. I will always carry extra rechargeable batteries as well as their chargers so that I have juice to run for a few days even if I am away from a power source for an extended period of time.

Understanding Seascape Photography

ss4Most of us are aware on the importance of photo editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. It plays a vital role for us photographers as it helps us improve our images from raw to an outstanding and realistic photo. Same with editing seascape-themed images, Lightroom as complex as it is can make high-quality seascape photography.

There are times where being a landscape photographer is as hard as persuading people to believe that our images are real and not edited. But given the fact that most cameras are not capable of capturing the real and the actual look of the scenery.

The most challenging part is editing RAW files as it only captures half of the things and colors of what I actually experienced. Fortunately, when dealing with RAW images, we, as a landscape photographer,  don’t need to worry about the shadows and highlights of the image since it is all taken naturally. However, the bad news is that it will take a day or two before we can actually produce good quality of seascape images.

Yes, there are a lot of talks and discussions about accepting the image manipulation or the use of digital photography programs. But as for me, it is not about what we use, it’s about producing a good set of images that will give happiness to the viewers.  Both Photoshop and Lightroom are good editing tools; they were created to guide us in our editing workload. For more tutorials, visit this site about a great tutorial about Lightroom seascapes.

Gratefully, Adobe Lightroom contains the most powerful and strong image editing tools such as straight tool and RAW converter features. I hope that this article has given you enough details and information to understand seascape photography. In my own point of view, there is nothing to worry about using digital editing tools as long as you don’t over-processed the image.


4 Easy Steps To Sharpen Images Using Adobe Lightroom

lr1We all want to have perfect images. However, the default settings and sensors of todays digital cameras always leave a blur effect to the image. And because of that, we are required to modify it by sharpening the blurred side of the images. As an amateur photographer, we should always be careful in sharpening the tone as it can also destroy the quality of the images.

In this article, we will talk about the easiest way to sharpen images using Adobe Lightroom. I have been using the most powerful editing tool for years now, and I am certain that this tool will us beautify our precious images.

Before anything else, here are some things to remember before sharpening images.

  • Every raw photos from the camera can be sharpened.
  • Only sharpen images in post-processing
  • We can only do selective sharpening, not the entire image

Sharpening in Lightroom’s Develop Module

First Step:  Masking

To mask images, start out by opening images on the develop module with the detail panel in view. Make sure to edit only blurred side of the image. When using the masking slider, make sure to navigate it well to avoid over-sharpening. This slider allows us to only sharpen the most important areas in the image.

Second Step:  Detailing Images

When using the detail slider in Lightroom’s interface, always think of the edges. This editing tool will strenghten and sharpen the edges of the images. If you have a high-quality image, it will be very tricky to sharpen blurred areas. Make sure to start from the lower edge of the image.

Third Step:  Radius Slider

After masking and detailing the image, this radius slider will help you increase the size of the sharpened size of the image. Set the appropriate size of the radius.

Fourth Step:  Adjusting The Amount

The last and final step of sharpening images. The amount slider will fine tune the overall amount of the sharpened area in the image.

By following these steps, you will be able to replace all blurred areas. You can also use the edited and sharpened image to create more Lightroom presets.

Lightroom 4 Review

photo3Adobe Lightroom 4 provides an excellent set of new services and features. Photographers will also expect more editing tools than the previous version. I’ve been using Lightroom for almost three years, and I can say that the program really helped me simplify the editing process. In this review, we will talk about the best features in Lightroom 5.

Basically, the 4th version of Lightroom includes a lot of exciting modules that is compatible with video editing, Geo-tagging, and soft proofing. Moreover, the program’s photo editing tools have been updated and developed such as the basic panel controls and other editing options. This version is far better than Lightroom 3 since it’s more easy and fun to use. However, the beta version of Lightroom 4 contains some minor bugs that need to be fixed so that it will work fine.

The company surprised everyone during the release of Lightroom 4 because they announced a 50 percent price drop of the package. It is actually the first time that the company offers a huge discount on its release. From $300, the package was now offered for $149. Moreover, the company also offers discounted prices for product upgrade.

I have been using Adobe Lightroom 4 full version for a month now and still, I can say that it is the best photo editing tool ever created. It has a lot of new default Lightroom plugins and more user-friendly basic panel controls. My goal in making this review is to explain the inclusions, services and features of Lightroom 4. Furthermore, I hope you learned something from this review that will help you get started in exploring. Lightroom 4 is one of the best versions so far, I recommend that you give it a try and see if it helped you in your editing needs.

As what you’ve noticed in this article, Lightroom presets and Lightroom plugins can do some pretty awesome things on your images. Get in there, explore the amazing program, play around and experiment the adjustments, and see what you can come up with after creating your own presets.

Lightroom Preset Review

PRe2In today’s time, the internet has become one of the great resources of images for photographers in all levels and genres. With it, finding inexpensive bundles of lightroom preset is easier than ever. It can also help in finding the best ideas and styles in creating lightroom presets. People search for bundled presets since they want to save time in using lightroom since creating one requires more time and effort. The only problem in looking for presets online, you get confuse on which to choose since there are a lot of sites offering and claiming to have the best bundles of presets.

Personal Review

Ever since I started using adobe lightroom, I easily get amazed with the ability of presets to turn every raw image into something beautiful. The effects used in presets are mesmerizing. However, there are times when I get too lazy to create one. That’s why I always end up downloading free lightroom presets. Sadly, some of it are not good and so I needed to pay for presets; they might be expensive but worth the price. Most of the presets are compatible with the latest version of lightroom.

As what I’ve said earlier, there are a lot of photography sites that offers free and paid bundled presets. But I was really interested with this lightroom 5 presets entry. It contains a lot of useful effects and controls plus it is a user-friendly presets. I have been using this preset for quite some time now and I can say this is one the best presets I’ve encountered so far.

Choosing lightroom presets is not easy, you need to invest extra time in searching since there are some unworthy presets. In order to find great set of presets, make sure to check the bundles first before downloading or buying.

Adobe Lightroom Review

LR44Lightroom is one of the most popular editing programs in the market today and most professional photographers prefer using it since it gives them the opportunity to save time and effort in the editing process. One of the best things about lightroom is their photo management and modification settings that are truly intended for professionals. However, as the program continues to improve, photographers in all levels can now use it. There is no wonder that adobe lightroom is the number one choice for individuals who do not have enough time to edit pictures manually. Lightroom is compatible to smartphones, laptops, desktops and other devices. The program has a lot to offer; it is far better than photoshop since it contains default presets or built in filtered images that can be used to all images anytime.  For more updates and tips about installing lightroom, watch the video below:

Generally, adobe lightroom was not created to overpower Photoshop. At first, the company’s goal is to assist professional photographers with their editing preparations. But over the years, more and more people who are into photography and editing wants to use lightroom for their convenience. In their latest release, adobe add up more built in presets and adjustment tools that is not visible in Photoshop and lightroom’s older versions.

After their previous release of lightroom version 5 in 2013, adobe system took all their time to gather negative feedbacks and turn it into something useful and advantageous to all the users. Recently, adobe released the lightroom version 6 on the market and surprisingly, there were a lot of thrilling features included in the newly upgraded program. In addition, the company developed the smart previous and camera compatibility so that photographers will never worry about editing their image. Honestly, this new release is better than ever.

Adobe lightroom is definitely the best choice in editing images. Aside from the fact that it saves time and effort, it actually gives photographers an extra time to capture wonderful and once in a lifetime photographs.